Topics for Writing Your Life Story

Following are suggestions of topics and ideas to help you write your life story. Include your hopes and thoughts which will allow others to know your personality as well as the times in which you lived. This should be a reflection of yourself. Include your handwritten signature.


  1. Your date of birth and where.
  2. Father’s name, birth date and where, and residences.
  3. Mother’s maiden name, birth date and where, and residences.
  4. Circumstances of your birth: weather, multiple births, hospital or home, sibling reaction.
  5. Describe your home as child and your home now.
  6. What childhood diseases you had and when.
  7. Accidents you had.
  8. Trips you took.
  9. Your playmates.
  10. Your siblings’ names, birth dates and where.
  11. Ancestors you remember, visits with them, their appearance, their occupation.
  12. Financial condition of your parents.
  13. Religion of your home, what church attended and where.
  14. Your baptism date and place, persons present.
  15. Schools you attended, where, when, your friends.
  16. Diplomas you received, when, where.
  17. Teachers you had, impressions they made, grades and subjects they taught.
  18. Special school and extra-curricular activities you did.
  19. Humorous events of your life.
  20. Honors you received.
  21. Your first date.
  22. Your first love.
  23. Your wedding date, where, who attended.
  24. Your honeymoon.
  25. New homes you had.
  26. Your occupations and career.
  27. Your avocation, interests, hobbies.
  28. Your salaries and financial status.
  29. Cost of specific items at different times in your life.
  30. Your favorite foods, your least favorite foods.
  31. Things you like, things you don’t like.
  32. Books you enjoyed.
  33. Entertainment you like.
  34. Hard times, sickness, death, lost jobs.
  35. Your political affiliation.
  36. Your personal views on national events.
  37. Family traditions.
  38. Legends in the family.
  39. Memories of ancestors.
  40. Where the family came from - in the U.S. and what country.
  41. Changes in the family surname.
  42. Hopes for the future.
  43. The most important statement you would make to descendants.
  44. Expectations for the future of the country and of your descendants.
  45. Feelings about other people.
  46. What is important to you to leave for others to know.