Pommerscher Verein Freistadt
The Pomeranian Society of Freistadt
The Pomeranian Society of Freistadt

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Diskussionsgruppen für Pommern

There were many mailing lists and discussion groups for Pommern areas that were hosted by Yahoo. However, as of December 15, 2020 all of these mailing lists were shut down and removed from the web.
  • MECKLENBURG-L Mailing List . Genealogy and history which has a connection to the general area of Mecklenburg. 
  • Germany/Prussia Mailing Lists
  • My Pomerania. Pommern regional groups and mailing lists.
  • Pommern-L. Pomeranian genealogy discussion group that has over 900 members. Covers both the current Polish part and remaining parts of the former Prussian province. To subscribe to the mailing-list Pommern-L you need to send an e-mail to pommern-l-request@genealogy.net, with the subject line: subscribe. Discussion is in English and German.  
  • POSEN Mailing List . For anyone with a genealogical interest in the former Prussian province of Posen/Poznan and its adjoining areas (especially Silesia), Germany.  
  • PRUSSIA-ROOTS Mailing List . For anyone with a genealogical interest in Brandenburg, Hannover (or Hanover), Ostpreussen (East Prussia), Pommern (Pomerania), Posen, Provinz Sachsen (Province of Saxony - northern Saxony), Schleswig-Holstein, Schlesien (Silesia), Westpreussen (West Prussia), Lubeck, Hamburg, and Bremen. 
  • Stolp-L - Kreis Stolp in Pommern. STOLP-L is the mailing list for family and village researches for city and county Stolp. The participation is free. Because we have a huge collection of primary and secondary sources, please be as precise as possible with your requests. The mailing list Stolp-L has been established to simplify the communication between all family researchers with interests in the Stolp area. All messages will be stored in an archive which only registered (subscribed) users can access: http://list.genealogy.net/mm/private/stolp-lThe address of the mailing list is: stolp-l@genealogy.net. Questions regarding the Stolp-L should be send to: stolp-l-owner@genealogy.net Your individual settings for this list can be modified at http://list.genealogy.net/mm/listinfo/stolp-l
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