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Visit Brazil without Leaving Home
Our group was privileged to watch a video produced by a group of fellow
Pomeranians in São Lourenço do Sul – RS, Brazil at our December meeting. 
Unlike most of our U.S. settlements, this group has maintained their language. 
They have given us permission to post the video here. 
Click on the link and enjoy! https://youtu.be/oFkZ8UteUMs

Pomeranian Heritage Tour Update
 After three years of delays, thirty-five traveled to Pomerania from May 23 to June 4. If you want to see what the group enjoyed, check the Pommerntag Facebook page.  Photos and updates were posted daily.

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Tour of Pomerania

             The Pomeranian Heritage Tour Group gathered on
the last night of
the tour in Berlin.
A tour of northern
Germany and Poland,
in what was once Pomerania, was most recently conducted in May-early June 2022.
Enjoy some photos of this and
former trips below.