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Karten und Ortslexika

  • Atlas des Deutschen Reichs by Ludwig Ravenstein. This is an 1883 atlas of the all old names of German towns and includes maps for finding them. It is slow to download, but well worth the wait. 
  • Baigent, E. "Swedish Cadastral Mapping 1628-1700: A Neglected Legacy." The Geographical Journal, Vol. 156, No. 1 (Mar., 1990), pp. 62-69. Cadastral mapping began in Sweden in 1628 under the auspices of King Gustaf II Adolf (Gustavus Adolphus). The lantmateriet (national survey board) began a comprehensive programme of surveying and mapping in Sweden. By the end of the seventeenth century the non-forested areas of most parishes on the Swedish mainland had been mapped and the maps bound into geometriska jordebocker (cadastral land books). The purpose of the geometriska jordebockerna mapping is not wholly clear, but an assumed link with taxation is now disputed. Although not innovative in technical terms, the geometriska jordebockerna maps are without contemporary European equals because of their number, comprehensiveness, quality and fine state of preservation. Other fine seventeenth-century maps were drawn by Swedish surveyors in Finland, then part of Sweden, and in Sweden's Baltic and German provinces. Many historians of cartography are unaware of their existence because of linguistic barriers.
  • Barran, Fritz. Städte-Atlas Pommern. Leer, Germany: Gerhard Rautenberg, 1989. A 1939 atlas of 93 Pomeranian cities and 36 Kreise by Barran. This is a republication.
  • Blaeu Atlas - Germania. UCLA map site.
  • A detailed 1893 map showing part of the county of Naugard, Pomerania. From Gene Maas' site. 
  • A detailed 1893 map showing the town of Regenwalde in the county of  Regenwalde, Pomerania. From Gene Maas' site.
  • Dr. Rademachers deutsch-österreichisches Ortsbuch 1871-1990. Information about German and Austrian towns from 1871-1990.
  • Eggert, Oskar. Geschichte Pommerns. Hamburg: Pommerscher Zentralverband e. V., 1961. This publication has historical maps of Pomerania showing political divisions - not towns.
  • Eilhardus Lubinus Historic Pommern map.
  • Einsenbahnen in Deutschland, 1835-1885. Historical maps for the German railroads, 1835-1885. 
  • Engel, Franz. Historischer Atlas von Pommern, vol. 1-2. Köln: Veröffentlichungen der Historischen Kommission für Pommern Reihe III, 1959.
  • Falk Online . Online maps of major German cities, trip planning, and atlas. 
  • FEEFHS Map Room: German Empire –East (1882) – Pommern.  Maps from the Foundation for East European Family History Studies. (In English) 
  • Freeman, Edward A. Historical Geography of Europe. New York: Longmans, Green & Co., 1903.
  • Gemeindenlexikon für das Königreich Preußen. Heft IV. Pommern. A 1908 listing of Pomeranian place names. This gazetteer has the jurisdictions of Protestant and Catholic parishes and also the civil registration districts.  (Family History Library microfilm 0806634, item 4).
  • German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy. You can buy historical maps from Silesia, Pomerania and East Prussia from this source. (In German)
  • Gohrbandt, Erwin. Heimatatlas für Pommern. Leipzig: List und von Bressendorf, 1926.
  • GOV: Das genealogische Ortsverzeichnis / GOV: The German Genealogical Place Database. (In German)
  • Gemeindeverzeichnis OstpommernDie Internetseite des Vereins Ostpommern e. V. - Verein für Familienforschung und Heimatkunde. Select the Kreis site on the map and it will list all of the villages for the Kreis, including population 1905, the village where they attended church, the name of the town for civil registration and the name of the town where the district court (like our courthouse) was located.
  • Hubatsch, Walther. Grundriss zur deutschen Verwaltungsgeschichte 1815-1945, Band 3- Pommern. Marburg/Lahn: Johann-Gottfried-Herder Institut, 1975. This book includes a map of Pomeranian border and Kreise changes from 1815-1945.
  • Index of German-Polish & Polish-German Location Names in Poland & Russia including: Brandenburg, Posen, Pommern, Ostpreussen, Westpreussen, and Schlesien.
  • Kaemmerer, M., compiler. Ortsnamenverzeichnis der Ortschaften jenseits von Oder und Neisse. Leer, Ostfriesland: Verlag Gerhard Rautenberg, 1988. Index of place names of places byeond the Oder and Neisse [the point where post World War II Poland begins, with many formerly German communities now part of Poland]. Place names in German and Polish.
  • Karte des Deutschen Reiches/Map of the German Reich, 1914-1917. LDS microfilm #068814, scale 1:100000, 1 km= 1 cm. Is available through the Family History Centers. Copies are also available at the Library of Congress. Gene Maas has scanned the topographic map for Naugard and the surrounding area. These maps show churches, Guts and most of the tiny hamlets.
  • Karte der Familiennamen der pommerschen Steuerregister um 1700. Searchable map of the surnames of the Pomeranian tax registers around 1700.

  • Kartenmeister.com. Most comprehensive database of it’s kind in the world. It contains over 98000 locations  with over 45,000 name changes once, and 5,500 twice and more. All locations are EAST of the Oder and Neisse rivers and are based on the borders of  the eastern provinces in Spring 1918. Included in this database are the following provinces: East Prussia, including Memel, West Prussia, Brandenburg, Posen, Pomerania, and Silesia.  It currently list most towns or points, points being: Mills, some bridges, battlefields, named trees, cenotaphs etc. As more  information becomes available, (books, maps, your input  etc) this database will be updated. Compiled by Uwe-Karsten Krickhah of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. (In German, English and other languages.
  • Kreiskarten. Institut für Angewandte Geodäsie, 1930s. (1:100,000). Individual maps are for the Kreise of: Arnswalde, Belgard, Bütow, Cammin, Deutsch Krone and Schneidemühl, Dramburg, Flatow, Friedeberg i.d. Neumark, Greifenhagen and Stettin, Köslin, Kolberg-Körlin, Lauenburg, Naugard, Netzekreis, Neustettin, Pyritz, Regenwalde, Rummelsburg, Saatzig and Stargard, Schlawe, Schlochau, Stolp, and Usedom-Wollin.
  • Kreplin, Claus-Dieter and Brigitte Kreplin. Die Gemeinden und Wohplätze Pommerns nach dem Stand von 1932 mit Ergänzungen 1919 bis 1945. Teil A und B. Archiv Kreplin, Herdecke, 1994. This two-volume set contains information for Pomeranian places by providing the Kreis, the location of the Evangelical church, Catholic church, and civil registration office.
  • Krickhahn, Uwe. "Kartenmeister.com: What It's All About and How to Get the Most Use Out of It." Die Pommerschen Leute. 31, 2 (Summer 2008): 29.
  • Landkarten vom Hofer Verlags - maps.  Pommern maps available.
  • Liedtke, Herbert. 2008. "Landesamt fur Umwelt, Naturschutz und Geologie Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Hrsg.): Geotourismuskarte der Region "Pomerania". 1:200.000. Berichte Zur Deutschen Landeskunde. 82, no. 3: 309.
  • Map Guide to German Parish Registers - Pomerania. Two volumes (49 & 50) of maps showing parishes of Pomerania which identify the parish where an ancestor worshipped based on where they lived.
  • Map showing villages in parts of Naugard, Regenwalde, and Saatzig counties (Kreise) in the 18th century. From Gene Maas site.
  • Meyer's Gazetteer This is the most important of all German gazetteers. The goal of the Myer's compilers was to list every place name in the German Empire (1871-1918). It gives the location, i.e. the state and other jurisdictions, where the civil registry office was and parishes if that town had them. It also gives lots of other information about each place.
  • Minert, Roger. Pomerania Place Name Indexes. Family Roots Publishing, PO Box 1682, Orting, WA 98360. This publication has a reverse place name index which is useful for determining a place name when the beginning of the word is hard to read in written documents.
  • My PomeraniaLinks for maps and gazetteers.
  • Ortsverzeichnis. Towns by Kreis. Tells German and Polish name, Standesamt for the town, and churches (evangelical and katholic).
  • Polen Hinterpommern: Köslin - Stolp - Danzig. Höfer Verlag. (1:200,000). The map is indexed and the place names on the map are in German with Polish names underneath.
  • Polen Südlisches Pommern Netzebruch: Schneidemühl - Bromberg. Höfer Verlag. (1:200,000). The map is indexed and the place names on the map are in German with Polish names underneath.
  • Polen Westpommern: Stettin - Kolberg - Landsberg. Höfer Verlag. (1:200,000). The map is indexed and the place names on the map are in German with Polish names underneath.
  • Pommern maps. From the Historischer Atlas von Pommern, Karte 3, Karte der Historischen Dorfformen, 18 Jahrh., Vol. 3, 1963. Map showing villages in parts of Naugard, Regenwalde, and Saatzig counties (Kreise) in the 18th century.
  • Pomerania Maps. Maps for different times in Pommern history.
  • Pounds, Norman J. An Historical Geography of Europe 1800-1914. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1985.
  • Preussiche Provinz Pommern Map 1886. High resolution map of Pomerania in 1886.
  • Putzgers, R.W. Historischer Schul-Atlas. Leipzig: Verlag von Velhagen & Klasing, 1910.
  • Sattler, Hannelore. Die schwedische Landesaufnahme von Vorpommern 1692-1709. Ortsbeschreibungen. Bd 5. Die Dörfer der Universität Greifswald. Steinbecker, 2001.
  • Schlyter, Daniel M. Mecklenburg Genealogical Outline and Gazetteer: including Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Salt Lake City, UT, 1989
  • Sonderkarte von Pommern. Institut für Angewandte Geodäsie, 1937. (Scale 1:300,000). A four-colored map of Pomerania.
  • Topographical Maps (Messtischblaetter 1:25000) may be purchased from Institut für Angewandte Geodäsie, Stauffenbergstr. 13, 10785 Berlin Germany (ask for map catalog of Pommern).
  • Verdenhalven, Fritz. Kleiner historischer Städtenamen-Schlüssel für Deutschland und die ehemaligen deutschen Gebiete. Verlag Degener & Co., 1970. A little historic key for names of cities for Germany and the formerly German territories [alternate German place names].
  • Verdenhalven, Fritz. Namensänderungen ehemals preussischer Gemeinden von 1850 bis 1942. Verlag Degener, 1971. Name changes of formerly Prussian communities, from 1850 to 1942.
  • Wehrmann, Martin. Die Kirchenbücher in Pommern. Published in 1892, this works gives the beginning years of baptism, marriage and death records in a primary parish and its affiliate. This list can be found in Baltische Studien Band 40-41 and begins on page 201.

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