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Old Lutherans

Alt Lutheraner

Originally this name was applied to Lutherans who refused to join in the Prussian Union. There was a similar reaction against unionism and rationalism in Saxony. Old Lutherans continued in Germany and Poland under various names including Altlutheraner; Breslauer Synode; Verein der evangelisch-altlutherischen Kirchengemeinden; Evangelisch-luth. Kirche in Westpolen; Evangelisch Kirche in Preussen, later & Evangelisch-luth. Kirche in Altpreussen, and since 1945 Evangelisch-lutherische (altlutherische) Kirche. The name Old Lutherans was also applied to confessional Lutherans who emigrated to America 1838–48 under such men as J.A.A. Grabau and M. Stephan.

Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm III united the Reformed (Calvinist) and Lutheran churches in 1817 on the 300th anniversary of the Reformation.  A new church liturgy was introduced in 1827, and by 1829 there was a threat of a fine if this liturgy was not used in Pomeranian churches.  Initially about 2000 Lutherans and a growing number of clergy resisted this new Union church.  They formed the Free Lutheran Church in June 1830.  This group went by many names such as Breslau Synod and the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Prussia. The nickname Alt Lutherans (Old Lutherans) came about after about 1845.

In the Lutheran dominated areas of Saxony, Mecklenburg, and Pomerania, it was feared that Lutheran beliefs were being replaced with Reformed doctrines.  Lutheran church services were banned, and clergy not accepting the Union liturgy were dismissed or arrested.  Children were to be sent to Union schools, and money was to be paid to support Union pastors even if they didn't attend Union services. Secret Lutheran services were held in homes, barns, forests, or quarries.

In 1835 a group of dissenters took refuge in Kreise Cammin, Stolp, and Greifenberg.  The group began discussions to emigrate to the United States to have religious freedom. In response to this threat to emigrate, the Prussian government became more lenient in 1842. The first group of Old Lutherans still decided to emigrate in 1843.

In 1837 other Old Lutherans from Kreis Naugard and Kreis Cammin left for America.  In 1838 a new decree stated that the Old Lutherans could emigrate only if they took with them a like-minded pastor.  In 1838 a small number applied for permission to leave from the island of Wollin. In 1839, 622 Pomeranians left, 52 of these without permission. None left in 1840, but in 1841 92 left from Kreis Cammin and another 45 in 1842. A larger group of 1,017 Pomeranians left in 1843.
Source: Herrick, Linda M. and Wendy K. Uncapher. Pomerania: Atlantic Bridge to Germany. Origins, 2005.

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