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The Pomeranian Society of Freistadt
The Pomeranian Society of Freistadt

Civil Records

Civil records were collected in Pomerania starting in October 1874. These records contain information on births, marriages and deaths as compared to the baptisms, marriages and burials found in church records. The Civil registry office is called Standesamt. Before this time, the Lutheran church records (1815-1874) or special Dissidenten-Register (1847-1874) served as official registers, and a duplicate copy was deposited at the local court (Amtsgericht).

The number of civil records that have survived the wars is not great, but there are more than the church records that have survived.  Records from the Standesamt (civil registration office) remain in the local office in Vorpommern. Records for Hinterpommern are more problematic.  Many Personenstandsbüchen (civil registration books) were destroyed or lost before 1945. Some can be found in the local registration office in Poland today.  Some of the duplicate books (Zweitbücher) which were sent to the district court during the German era were given back to the local registraiton office after the war.  Books older than 100 years were sent to the Polish State Archives.

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