Pommerscher Verein Freistadt
The Pomeranian Society of Freistadt
The Pomeranian Society of Freistadt



  • Die Pommerschen Leute (The Pomeranian People) newsletter was created in 1982 by the late Myron Gruenwald to record the Pomeranians of the 19th century migration to America. After Myron's death, the newsletter was continued by the Pomeranian Special Interest Group in Burbank, California. Myron also organized a database covering Pomeranian surnames, towns and counties. This data, collected since 1982, is updated regularly and available on-line in the searchable "Die Vorfahren" database.  Subscription information and link to Die Vorfahren:  http://www.pomeranianews.org/     Mail: Die Pommerschen Leute, c/o IGS, P.O. Box 7369, Burbank, CA 91510.  Email: editordpl@pomeranianews.com
  • Pommerscher Verein Freistadt Rundschreiben / Pomeranian Society of Freistadt Newsletter. PO Box 204, Germantown, Wisconsin 53022. Newsletter published quarterly. http://pommerscher.org
  • Sedina Archive. Publications concerning family history from Pomerania.

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